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Anderleto - Natasa Mirkovic/En El Amor
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Sephardic Music from Eastern Europe

Nataša Mirković  Vocals & Percussion

Michel Godard  Serpent

Jarrod Cagwin  Percussion


Ever since her youth, the singer Nataša Mirković has been fascinated by the hardly-known Sephardic songs from her native Bosnia-Herzegovina. With the new program EN EL AMOR she is fulfilling a long-held dream. She sets off on a personal journey using arrangements of traditional Sephardic songs. The ballads, wedding songs and romances tell everyday stories about love, transience and longing. Nataša Mirković carefully frees these songs from any pathos, reduces them down to the essentials and presents us with folk songs of breathtaking poetry and simplicity.
Additionally, she invites two congenial partners on board who, like Mirković, are highly versed in diverse musical worlds and genres and are masters of their instruments:
As a serpent player (the ancestor of the tuba), Michel Godard is a musical wanderer who has a deep and broad understanding of music and crosses between the worlds of Baroque music and jazz with ease. With his playing, he explores over and over again his own limits, creating new worlds of sound through brilliant improvisation, a flexibility on the instrument and innovation.
Jarrod Cagwin, performing on oriental percussion instruments, is a master of groove and is a true magician - an artist who, like no other in the world, is at home in Indian and Middle Eastern percussion. His musical spirit and simplicity in the performance, his passion for innovation and enormous precision on the instrument sets him apart from others. Mr. Cagwin is known around the world for his unique sound on the frame drum.
Ms. Mirković was inspired by Jagoda Flory from Sarajevo, the artist and Grande Dame of Sephardic music. As a singer, musician, composer, teacher and ethnomusicologist who emigrated to the United States, she not only collected Sephardic songs from her home, she also recorded them, arranged them anew and released albums such as Kantikas Di Mi Nona and Memories of Sarajevo in order to prevent Sephardic songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina from falling into oblivion.
Awarded best Border Crossing project and recording for 2017 from the German Record Critics Association (Grenzgange, PDSK)
DD formats include:  MP3, WAV, 24-Bit FLAC(96/192)
"En El Amor" is a fascinating collaboration between two well-known jazz musicians with the Bosnian singer Nataša Mirković. On this album, the singer performs songs from her childhood in Bosnia: Ancient Sephardic traditionals that are still being sung by the people of the Balkan area today. She clearly draws inspiration from her ancestral roots, while at the same time the three musicians arrange these old songs in a new and experimental context that transcends time, culture and tradition. Recorded in the breathtaking acoustics of the former synagogue of St. Pölten in Austria, this album becomes a total work of art fusing ancient and new, religious and secular, traditional and modern artistic expression."
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